Happy 2017 + Cashew Cheesecake

While it’s technically the second day of January, it’s still the holiday weekend (for a few more hours) so I’m counting this as a New Year’s post. Much like last year, I decided to rebuff resolutions in favor of a more positive direction setting intentions. Last year I set intentions of starting this blog, hiking more, and spending three weeks in Europe checking off bucket list items for my 35th birthday. All achieved!

What about this year’s? Well you’re looking at the first one! While it took me a while to get this blog together, it took me even longer to create the first post. I had hoped I would write more while traveling but that just didn’t pan out. I feel like I’ve moved past the “impostor syndrome” hump that was holding me back from getting started, but now I see that one of this year’s intentions will be carving out time to share what excites me. That includes highlights of my incredible journeys through Iceland, Copenhagen, Budapest, London, and Scotland. I am launching this blog fully knowing that it will organically progress as I do. While I can’t say that the nerves are 100% gone, I’m excited to see how it evolves.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, this year is about getting healthier. I say getting “healthier” because, though I already feel pretty healthy, I want to get stronger and improve how I feel physically and mentally. I’m even entertaining the idea of running my first half-marathon next June. This is NOT about landing on a certain number on the scale. And it’s NOT about deprivation. Instead it’s about finding fun ways to work out, furthering my Barre obsession, running more, and connecting with the endless outdoor gems that living in the Pacific Northwest provides.

Speaking of not depriving, I recently made my first vegan cheesecake 31805635831_14d6e996d9_kand was so thrilled with the results, my lovely roommate (and photographer of this post) suggested I share some of the photos here. I modified the recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers (seriously she’s the best), adding a bit more lemon juice and topping it with a layer of lemon curd my Mom brought back from Britain. Throw on a few cranberries, pour the bubbles and it’s a party! Next time I think I’ll try a berry or or cherry compote to make it truly vegan.

There is much I look forward to this year and I’d love to know what kinds of intentions you’re focusing on in 2017. Plus any tips you can share to help a first-time half-marathoner. Thanks for reading and stay tuned to the Salt for more to come!

Cheers! Jenn



Photos courtesy of Dominique Barni.



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